If your non-profit organization, school, sports team, club, Church or other community organization looking to raise money?  Steve’s Pizza would like to be your partner and we have three great programs that might work for your group;

SINGLE DAY FUNDRAISERS– We offer a great program where up to 20% of all orders your group brings in goes right back to your organization!  Select a date and time to hold your fundraiser.  Develop a creative flyer to distribute announcing the fundraiser.  We can help you in the design.  These flyers will act as their “ticket” to the event and ensures that their order will contribute to your group’s sales total and subsequent donation.  They will have a great meal knowing they also are contributing to your cause.  Please download the “We’ll Pay You To Dine With Us” application and bring it in to the store and we will help you fill it out and make arrangements for your fundraiser.

SCRIP– Your organization can purchase Scrip Gift Certificates in $5 increments.  Steve’s Pizza sells them to your organization at a 10% discount ($4.50 each) and you resell them to your members and friend at the face value ($5 each).  To order scrip certificates simply call Original Steve’s (530-758-2800) place your scrip order and the Management Staff will have them ready within one to two days.  You can pay for the scrip certificates when you pick them up.

PIZZA BY THE SLICE– If your organization is having a large fundraising event or is participating in an event like “The Fourth of July Celebration” at Community Park and would like to sell pizza by the slice, please call Steve’s Pizza for details of this opportunity.  Our Management Staff can assist you in setting up a booth similar to the booth Steve’s Pizza uses at “Picnic in the Park” and other events around Davis.  We can offer pizzas to your group at an agreed upon discount and you staff the booth and sell slices and drinks at our menu price or higher.  At large events this is a great way to raise considerable funds for your organization.

Fundraiser Agreement Form Download Here