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Located in the beautiful Northern California city of Davis in Yolo County, Steve’s Pizza Davis is where the original Steve’s Place Pizza Etc. began. It was in 1978 when Steve Wilkinson opened the very first Steve’s Place Pizza Etc. This was the same year when the first ever cellular mobile phone system was introduced, Space Invaders launched a craze for computer video games, and Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Close Encounters of the Third Kind were showing in movie theaters all over the world.

From its inception, the original Steve’s Place Pizza Etc. provided the best tasting pizza in the city of Davis, California and perhaps all of Yolo County. The great food, warm atmosphere and friendly service made it a perfect meeting place for families, students, business groups, teams and more. Everyone loved it!

After going through different name changes (Steve’s Place Pizza Etc., Steve’s Place Pizza Pasta and Grill, Steve’s Pizza), creating and selling off the Steve’s Pizza franchise, Steve Wilkinson decided to go back to the basics and back to Steve’s Pizza’s original roots. Though there have been a few name changes, Steve’s Pizza Davis is still located at 314 F Street, Davis, CA 95616. Steve’s Pizza Davis is still the best pizza place in the city of Davis.

Now at the helm of Original Steve’s is Steve’s very own son and new owner, Jeff Wilkinson. Jeff has been around helping out his dad since the beginning and during all its name renditions of Steve’s Place Pizza Etc., Steve’s Place Pizza Pasta and Grill, and Steve’s Pizza. Who better than to keep the family tradition going than Jeff Wilkinson. Along his many years of experience learning and working with his dad, Jeff brings in new insights to Davis’ best pizza place in town by bringing back the original flavors that made Steve’s a huge hit since the beginning.

At Steve’s pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are masterfully created to bring back the flavor of what had made the original Steve’s so popular. Steve’s Pizza Davis has brought back its original flavors to their wide variety of offerings. Come in and experience the Original Taste of Pizza’s Perfection! Come to Steve’s Pizza.

314 F Street
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-2800